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youPunchin is a resource for connecting businesses with consumers in a process we call ‘Punching In.’ Punching in benefits 3 groups of people: consumers, businesses and the business’ team member (the person being punched-in with).

1. Consumers save money by getting coupons and daily deals. Consumers also get to share the good news of the deal they received with their friends (or brag about it).
2. Businesses gain customers and turn inventory by having customers come to redeem their specials or coupons, and advertising because the customers brag on social media with the specials received.
3. Staff members of the business earn money by getting a commission every time someone punches in with them. Now, the business has people promoting them daily because they can earn more money when their customers punch in with them.

This is accomplished by people redeeming the daily deals and coupons these businesses offer on our mobile application.

How it works:

Its as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Go to the business when they have a special offer or coupon going on.
2. Punch-in (be cool and punch in with a staff member) to that place either with Instagram punch-in or regular punching in and brag on Facebook (or both if the place has 2 offers going at once!).
3. Show your screen that you have punched in to your staff member.
And just like that, the customer gets the special offer!

It all starts with the business signing up and providing all of their information and loading specials. Once a business has created a page with specials, anyone at the business can punch-in when the specials are live. Business page maintenance is done on the web version. The back end portal allows them to control all of their information and daily specials.

Any business that has a location a consumer can walk in to such as a retail or service location should have punching in for their customers. Places such as food and drink, grocery, retail goods and services such as salons, auto service or medical procedure services are businesses that can offer coupons or specials to entice customers to come in. These can be shared by customers to help promote business.

Added Value

Sponsors can also get on board and pay for (or sponsor) each punch-in. When someone punches in at a location, a sponsor can pay to have their product the main deal; so the hosting location gets this service for free.